You know what you sell – & James Newell knows how to sell it

To create a Clear Sales Message requires a shift in focus and a simplification of language.

The reason a Clear Sales Message can be so effective  is because it focusses on the needs of the client above all else. It takes the needs of the client and then relates the benefits of your product or service to that need.

  • Client Needs
  • Sales Message
  • Product Service

When you shift focus to what your clients need and consider the context of the sale, you can engage with them in a meaningful way.

But this engagement is nothing without clarity.



You need to use jargon free language and explain in the simplest way possible what you do, who you do it for and why it’s beneficial.

There are  Three Principles to crafting an effective Clear Sales Message that look to address the 7 core questions your clients will be considering

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How do I create a sales message?


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