Residential Interior Designer Louise Gummer Introduces Beauchamp Designs

Louise Gummer Residential Interior Designer

I work with clients to interpret their own individual style. If desired I will help to steer towards what works and what does not work from a design point of view even if it is not my personal choice. It is not me who will live in the new home and if my clients like something in particular (as long as it works with everything else in the scheme) then I will help them to achieve the best with that in mind. Many don’t think they have a personal style and are quite surprised when I coax it out of them.

I have worked on projects both in the UK and abroad, including Egypt, Portugal, France, Switzerland and Monaco so we are well versed in the logistical challenges of working overseas.

I prefer (whenever possible) to work on projects from the start so that I can discuss the furniture lay-out with my clients at a very early stage. This means that the electrical sockets, light fittings and radiators can be placed in their correct positions on plan in relation to the furniture lay-out. This is so important and not many architects realise this and issue lighting plans to the builders before a designer is involved. It is so much less expensive to get it right from the start.

I have worked as an Interior Designer since 1995 when I graduated from KLC School of design. Within a week of leaving KLC I was lucky enough to start work as Head Designer for a developer. We bought and developed properties on behalf of foreign investors for the rental market and in doing so I gained years of extremely valuable experience. I worked on all our properties from scratch. From the start I liaised with the architects on the lay-out, plumbing, electrics, design of kitchens and bathrooms. Then the work on site started with our building team and from then on, I oversaw the daily running of the project until the carpets and curtains were installed. I made all the design decisions from ironmongery to tiles and to colour schemes and curtains. Project management from an early stage of my career has given me a wide knowledge of the building process which is now invaluable for all projects I work on. It was also always on fairly tight budgets at that point.

In 1999 my then boss retired and handed over the company to me. This is when Beauchamp Designs (our office was in Beauchamp Place in Knightsbridge – therefore the name) came about and I then started to work with developers and private clients rather than purchasing properties on behalf of others. And we’re still going strong today!

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