Creative Power Team

The Creative power team combines creative professions such as digital, design, print and photography with a focus on marketing and reaching new clients.


Property Power Team

The property power team combines both the legal and construction elements of the property market, with a focus on forming long term strategic partnerships.


B2C / B2B

The B2C and B2B team combines professional office business services, providing professional support to businesses of all sizes.

What is Power Team?

A power team is a group people of complementary professions. They work with the same clients, but do not take business away from each other. Successful business people have the ability to select and cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with high-quality people in strategically important business categories, and this ability is a core competency for maximum success in networking.

Benefits of a Power Team

It provides clearer insight into your networking partner's business and life to help you understand them more as a person, as well as possibly uncovering money on the table with referral opportunities for the power team.

  • Power Team partners tend to give quality referred business
  • A clearer insight into your networking partner's business
  • Clearer insight to recruit professions that can add to the group

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