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Mazi Mazibuko BNI Central London

One of my clients that brought in was a charity with 15 staff.

They needed to upgrade their Sage 50 accounting software and were given 1 option by their current IT firm, buy a new server for about £10k.

GCC, we can offer charities 2 options, buy a new server for £10k or host your Sage 50 in the cloud Microsoft Azure and since we help Charities receive a huge amount of credit for Microsoft Cloud services, this charity only pays a monthly fee of about £100 per month.

They took the cloud option and we very happy with the way we completed the work in 2 days and saved them paying out £10k for a new server.

The FD was so impressed with our service that when he changed jobs and moved to a much larger charity with 50 staff, he introduced GCC.

We now supply this charity named Tempo Time Credits, with IT equipment, IT support on all their PCs and equipment, we host their Sage 50 in the Cloud with Microsoft Azure, we migrate all staff onto Office 365 and SharePoint with full support and training,  and completed a Cyber Essentials project to ensure they IT security is maintained at a high standard.

When you do your best even with the smaller clients, they might become your biggest clients


  • Mazi the Key Account Manager at GCC
  • In charge of all the IT sales within the greater London region 
  • My role is to bring in new business and look after the clients I bring in
  • GCC provides IT services such as:
  • IT support for equipment such PCs, Laptops and Servers
  • Cloud services such as Microsoft Azure and Office 365
  • Running for 27 years
  • 50 staff
  • 4 offices
  • Gold Microsoft Partner – Meaning our clients received the highest level of service
  • 2 main services we provide are:
  • 1) IT support on this equipment such as Telephone Remote PC support or Server support
  • 2) Cloud services using Microsoft Azure such as hosting your server in the Cloud or moving onto Office 365


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