Marvel Superhero group the ‘Crown Stone Group’

Crown Stone Group are a group of companies that specialise in making people happy. We deal with design, surveying, construction and maintenance with a particular expertise in dealing with damp repairs, waterproofing and basement excavation. The companies that make up Crownstone Group are Crownstone Construction, Crownstone Maintenance, Crownstone Surveyors, Crownstone Preservation, and Crownstone Property.

We have been likened to the Marvel Superhero group whereby we swoop in, just when the damp begins to rise like a villain from its lair ready to take over a property, fixing it in time, and leaving the owners smiling.

Crownstone Preservation is a damp/timber and moisture prevention and protection company –

D – Damp/Timber

A – And

M – Moisture

P – Prevention and Protection


There are three types of damp that can occur that can cause damage to a property. Condensation, rising and damp and plumbing defects are to blame and can cause damage to a property wall. There are also two types of ways in which timber can become damaged, either by dry rot or wet rot. Wet rot can be especially notorious as it can begin to grow fungus and spread like wildfire which can becomes hazardous towards health. With these types of damp that can cause serious damage to a property, Crownstone Preservation works towards fixing these issues ensuring that they don’t happen again.

But before these issues can be fixed, they need to be found. Crownstone Surveyors can and will find the cause of the problems. But with 5 types of damp, 2 types of timber decay, 8 types of wood worm and structural problems, some issues aren’t what they always seem. For example, the images below may all look like the same kind of damp. Wrong! These are three different types of damp defects, each requiring an individual fix to solve. And so Crownstone Surveyors will spend some time in a property making sure that they are able to solve the problem. We have even won an award for solving an 8-year damp problem that one client was experiencing!

  • Plumbing Leak
  • Condensation
  • Rising Damp

Types of damp


Simon Martin Crowne Stone Group commercial & residential architect and basement specialist


Crownstone Construction help take properties to a new level. We survey, plan and construct every aspect of a basement. From the design of a basement to fitting one out, we help our clients creating the perfect room for their needs. In the past, we have installed, gyms, saunas, even swimming pools into our client’s basements, which will add immense value to a property. Crownstone Property are also able to put an entire new flat below a property, almost doubling the value of the property. But with the addition of new levels to a property, there is also the increased risk of water damaging these new floors. And so again, Crownstone Surveyors are on hand to design the drainage and damp proofing system that will protect your property.

So next time damp beings to take over a property, remember that Crownstone Group are always ready to save it!

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