James Mole of Gingko Independent explains why mortgages are like Monopoly!

Mortgages are like the game of Monopoly

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Mortgages are like the game of Monopoly. For many of us we all start life buying a house on Old Kent Road, but the goal is to be building hotels in Mayfair. So how do you get there? By using an experienced and reputable mortgage advisor who really takes an interest in your needs, understands your financial position and stress tests the mortgage products to ensure it makes for a good investment at a cost-effect price to my clients. That is what makes me feel good about what I do and why my clients are happy to refer me.



My Latest Tips:

  • First time buyers need a broker to explain the various options that are open to them
  • 100% mortgages are back in certain circumstances
  • It is possible to get a mortgage offer inside a week

At Gingko Independent we strive to help people feel happy about their money.



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