Growing a small business by Jeff Gosling

Does there seem like there are endless problems for you to solve?

Many of the problems you’re facing now are a result of not addressing three of the biggest problems ALL small businesses face, crack them, be persistent and you’ll ultimately succeed…

Problem One – You don’t know yourself

It starts with you, sadly most businesses end like that. We all have super powers, things that we enjoy and are great at (our value). I typically hear “I’m a great solicitor, hairdresser…”. If that’s you, great you are passionate about what you do. That’s your job, not you.

First measure – be aware of your feelings when approaching activities (importantly the things you know you should do but don’t!).

First measure.

Be aware of your feelings when approaching activities (importantly the things you know you should do but don’t!). Boost or sap your energy? Feel like an expert or winging it? Do it when it’s not the priority or put it off until forced (if at all)? What’s your optimal pace, what time of day? What’s your appetite for risk? How quick do you make decisions? How confident or positive are you out of 10? What do you want out of life? Scribble the findings down on a scrap of paper (and forget most of the time) or capture in a spreadsheet and create a chart; how you do it is another indicator of you😉.

Google for assessments or reach out for help, I use them for real insight with my clients.

Why is this so important?

The great thing about being a business owner is you choose what your days look like, ultimately whether you are even there. In fact, the business is only of real value when it’s not reliant on you (or any individual). If you want business to give you the life you want and have fun growing it, you need to know what that is. Leadership is leading people somewhere; choosing who comes and where you are going is entirely on you; personal goals, passions, talents, dislikes, core values, reasons for doing it…

Learning about yourself makes it possible to learn to manage the most powerful performance enhancer on the planet (the voice in your head). Why is this crucial? Because it is also the most debilitating force on Earth and will determine if you succeed…


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