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Domenico Sbicca Gingko Independent

Gingko Independent believe that the most effective way to help you build your net wealth is to first of all help you put in place the right habits and behaviours to ensure you are managing your money well, with a view to then investing the right amounts of money, in the right places, at the right times, in line with your personal objectives. Dom and his team provide you with the guidance and bespoke wealth creation strategies to help you meet your needs and objectives.

Three ways we help you meet your investment goals

1. Diversification
We select a range of asset classes, geographies, and currency exposures to minimise risk and maximise growth.
2. Management of Costs
Anything you pay on your investment eats into your returns, so we work to keep costs low and quality high.
3. Looking Ahead
We stay on top of market fluctuations and plan for the future, re-balancing and monitoring your portfolio so you don’t have to.

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