What makes us different?

  • A fun, friendly and driven atmosphere
  • Camaraderie and trust is key to making our group work and pass business to one another
  • One of the most successful networking groups in London
  • We have an amazing support network

Our meetings

Our meetings are fun, friendly and structured. They give you ​an opportunity to ​connect with, ​present​ ​to ​and ​educate our members and guests​ about who you are, what you do and why you’re different​. You can also actively ​request introductions to specific people you'd like to meet or for general referrals. You will be accessing the extended networks of our members- potentially thousands of people.

Where and when?

Join us every Thursday morning from 7:30am and close at 9:00am to fit around your working day.

Strand Palace Hotel, 372 Strand, London WC2R 0JJ England
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​Hungry for more business?

Visiting the group?
Please bring​:

  • Plenty of business cards
  • Something to say about your business for 1 min
  • Your Best Smile!

Substituting for a member of the group? Please bring​:

  • Plenty of business cards
  • Something to say about your business for 1 min
  • A member's 60 seconds

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is passionate about creating an outstanding culture that promotes collaboration.

Why our format works

  • Reach

    Access to both national and local businesses. We have a broad mix of professions and trades. We have regular visitors which gives more opportunities for exposure.

  • Profits

    £40,000 per year, on average, is what our members make from referrals. Profits range from £2,000 to £50,000 depending on business type.

  • Proven format

    The structured meetings are geared towards generating referrals. Our meetings are early in the day, which means a successful business meeting is completed before the normal working day begins.

  • Pitch

    Members get to have regular training in presentation skills as each member has a chance to present each week in our 'weekly presentation'.

  • Support & Development

    Members benefit from personal development and mutual support. We are an enthusiastic and supportive group.

  • Working for each other

    Every member becomes an addition to your 'sales force'. You would get informal access to the resources of other professionals.

The Central Group experience

Our ​Central Networking Group is one of the most successful in London, passing £1M per year in a supportive and enjoyable environment.


Hungry for business?

Join us for breakfast and grow your business and your network.

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